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A Far Better Way
(Bolder Box Hensley Kerslake Lawton)
Seeing you here
All of my fears seem to
Drift right away
Seeing you smile
Checking out your style
I begin to hope you'll stay
Stay awhile so we can play
Lost in a dream
That's becaming a nightmare
Day by day
It's my love and my life
And somewhere between them
There's a road
And it's a far, a far better way
Out of nowhere came this vision
Of you and me together
Looking for a far better way
Then from nowhere
You came running
Look out, world
There's something coming
I've suddenly found
A lot of things to say
Now we'll sing our tune together
This way it's a whole lot better
We're out to prove
There is a place for love
Then from somewhere
We‘ll come running
Look out, world
There's something coming
I think we've found
A far better way
I think we've found
A far better way ...
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